A few extra bucks per month can go a long way when it comes to coverage

Don’t Leave A Gap In Your Auto Insurance

Uber©, Lyft© and other rideshare companies have made it easy to earn an income driving people around. However, there is a period during which the driver is neither protected by the ridesharing company’s policy nor personal Auto Insurance. To cover that lapse in coverage, Rideshare Insurance is designed to complement the insurance that rideshare companies offer drivers.

Understanding Rideshare Insurance

Your Rideshare Insurance coverage can cost you as little as 20 cents per day, depending on the type and amount of coverage. Protect your livelihood and family on a budget that’s right for you.

When You're Covered & When You're Not

How Does Rideshare Insurance Coverage Work?

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With the possibility of getting into an accident in Period 1, you may have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of pocket if you don’t have the proper coverage. Just one single accident can devastate you financially. Rideshare Insurance covers you in Period 1 when the TNC Coverage isn’t in effect. The coverage offered by AIS will pay for costs associated with medical and property liability to other drivers as well as your own vehicle. Call one of our Insurance Specialists at (888) 772-4247  to add Rideshare Insurance to your Auto Insurance policy today.

Additional Insurance Coverages

Wouldn’t it be great to save money insuring your automobile, home, condo, or renters policy with your outdoor vehicles and other assets under one roof? AIS is the insurance specialist who finds affordable coverage for various products. We compare the best rates from our trusted carrier partners, so you know you’re getting the best protection for the best price at no additional charge. 

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